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Construction hours are 7am- 5pm. Please slow down and proceed with caution.

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We’re Welcoming A New Tremont Street!


Project Background and Rationale

Many people think of Tremont Street as the main route from SR 16 to Port Orchard Boulevard and downtown Port Orchard. Today, the road is rural in character, with a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential uses, along with medical offices and civic organizations. A 2006 traffic study showed the road was at capacity even then, but between 2010 and 2015, the population of Port Orchard grew by nearly 17 percent. The combination of an outmoded road and a growing population will lead inevitably to increasing travel times.

The Tremont Street widening project will improve travel times for everybody, including commuters, as we move to and from the center of the city along Tremont Street. In addition to improved travel times, the project will bring the roadway up to current standards, and these changes will improve safety for all of us  particularly for bicyclists and pedestrians. When construction is finished, the roadway will be safer, more serviceable, and will even look better.

Design Highlights

The Tremont Street widening project is going to make major changes to the roadway from SR 16 to Port Orchard Boulevard. The biggest change? A wider road -- Tremont Street will have four lanes instead of two. Two roundabouts will replace the traffic lights where South Kitsap Boulevard and Pottery Road intersect Tremont Street.

The new, wider roadway will feature bike lanes, planting strips and landscaped medians, and new sidewalks on both sides as well as bulbouts at key points, new LED streetlights, and undergrounded utilities. In addition, bus stops will be improved with pullouts along Tremont Street. Improvements to storm drainage, waterlines, and sanitary sewers are also planned as part of the project.

The project will make a number of safety improvements that will be especially noteworthy for drivers. These changes will include a mid-block crossing with pedestrian-activated flashers between South Kitsap Boulevard and Pottery Road, and improved sight distances and increased clear zones near obstructions.


Project Renderings

Phase 1 construction will start in August 2017. This phase will not need to detour traffic. However, traffic will be rerouted during Phase 2, which is scheduled for February 2018. If changes to the construction schedule are necessary, they will be posted at this website. Check back to stay informed.

The project will be constructed in four phases. With the current schedule, the upgraded road is scheduled for completion in Spring 2019. For the construction schedule and detour information please visit the Construction Updates page.


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Construction Updates

July 2017
Public Open House
Construction Begins

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